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Whether you have a problem with depression, anxiety, grief, a relationship, or just want to vent to someone who will not judge you - this could be the right place for you.
Counseling (or therapy) is a place to say your stuff out loud.  Sometimes just saying it out loud shows YOU the answer. Other times you may want or need to bounce some ideas around, again with a person who won't judge you OR your ideas, and then eventually you figure out your answer. I say "you figure out your answer", because that is what it's about. I'm here to accompany you on your journey to finding that answer. I can give you ideas if you want, or if you don't, I can be that sounding board.

I use a few different types of therapy in my practice:
Talk Therapy: Pretty much what is described above
Cognitive Behavior Therapy: I help you learn to change your thoughts which will then change your feelings. This  often works well with depression and anxiety, and can also work if you have the wishy-washy syndrome.
Emotional Freedom Techniques: Energy is what we are made of and when our energy pathways get blocked, we have problems - emotionally, mentally, and sometimes physically.
Reality Therapy, also called Choice Theory: This is Dr. Phil's method of therapy. It can be very helpful at times.

We offer Private Sessions by appointment


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“Overcome the notion that you must be regular. It robs you of the chance to be extraordinary" ~ Uta Hagen

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